Monday, April 20, 2015

Look at my Lessons 4/20

Hi Everyone!
Life has been very busy and exciting lately… which has resulted in TpT and blogging being put on the back-burner! I'm definitely not stopping… I've just slowed down a little with all the excitement going on. My husband graduated from his Doctorate of Physical Therapy program this weekend. I really can't put into words how proud I am of him! He's worked so hard to follow his dream and he continually stayed positive! He has such a bright future as a PT- he has a huge heart for his patients and is so passionate about his field! I can't wait to see where life takes him! Yay!!!! 

Anyway, here is my very brief and once again, late, summary of what I'll be using this week in therapy. Hopefully it isn't too late to help you! :)

Pig's Egg Book Companion Packet by Whitney SLP
"Pig's Egg" is a super cute book by Katherine Sully (you can get it on Amazon here). It's about a pig who feels left out on the farm because all of his friends are busy laying eggs. One day, he finds a turnip and think it's an egg. I love so many elements of this book. It's repetitive, so the kiddos begin to know what to expect. It's silly… which the kiddos always love. It focuses on character emotions, predicting and making inferences which is great for targeting pragmatic language skills. I also love that it is a fairly simple story to sequence and the character list is simple as well. I will be using the book along with this book companion packet by Whitney SLP. I purchased it last year, so it's already prepped and ready to go!

Farm Fun Bingo by SLP Chelsea (me!)
To go along with my Farm theme this week, I'll be using my Farm Fun Bingo as a language activity for my basic-level language kiddos and as an open-ended reinforcement game for pretty much everyone else. :)

Farm Fun Prepositions by SLP Chelsea (me!)
I'll be using these preposition cards this week to target location concepts with my basic language kiddos! :)

Farm Animal Memory Match-Up
I have an older version of this game, but the amazon link I found looks almost exactly the same. This is a memory game with farm animals. I use it as an open-ended reinforcement with my little ones. I also LOVE to use it for my basic articulation or apraxic kiddos. When I do that, I focus on phrases and word shapes during game play. For example, the animals are split apart by their head and feet, so I focus on the kiddo labeling each thing they find and by doing so, they are working on C1V1C2V2 + CVC word shapes (e.g. puppy feet) and simple target sounds (e.g. no cow).

I had this on my list last week, but didn't use it with all the groups I would have liked to, so I'll be using it again this week! It'll still go with my farm theme! :) This is a great language activity! I'm looking forward to using this with my kiddos. There are endless possibilities for targeting receptive and expressive language skills. Yay!

If it's not clear by now… I LOVE using these. :) I've been using them all month with my upper grade carryover kiddos. I flip flop between this activity, Go Fish with phonemically loaded articulation cards (like Action Artic cards from Super Duper) and the paragraph level stories on the Articulation Station app. :)

Well, those are the therapy plans I have for this week! I have also added a new product to my store! Donut Dash! It's a super cute open-ended reinforcement game! I'll be using it in therapy in the coming weeks… but you can check it out now and use it anytime! 

Well, thats it for now! Have a great week, friends!!!!

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