Monday, April 13, 2015

Look at my Lessons 4/13

Hi Everyone!
It was my Spring Break last week… and other than seeing private clients, I didn't do anything work related. That includes prepping/planning for the week and anything blog or TpT related. Whoops! :) So, here is my very brief summary of what I'll be using this week in therapy. Hopefully it isn't too late to help you! :)

Print 'n' Go Spring Packet by SLP Chelsea (me!)
I used this today with 4 different language and articulation groups as an open-ended reinforcer. My kiddos loved it and it was so easy prep-wise. :)

Easter Chicks by Speech Junction
I'll be using this super simple but fun activity as another open-ended reinforcer during therapy sessions! I'll be utilizing my yellow dot markers and have my kiddos fill in a specific amount after a designated task. I'm looking forward to using such a cute reinforcer!

Spring Themed Taboo by Keeping Speech Simple
I mentioned this one last week as well… I'll be using it again this week with different groups! :)

This is a great language activity! I'm looking forward to using this with my kiddos. There are endless possibilities for targeting receptive and expressive language skills. Yay!

Although I will likely use Taboo & the Compare/Contrast activities above with my social kiddos, it's never a bad idea to have something extra on my list. So, I have prepped these convo questions! I plan on putting them in a box and will have the kids draw cards at each turn. :)
If it's not clear by now… I LOVE using these. :) I've been using them all month with my upper grade carryover kiddos. I flip flop between this activity, Go Fish with phonemically loaded articulation cards (like Action Artic cards from Super Duper) and the paragraph level stories on the Articulation Station app. :)

Cariboo w/ Mommy Speech Therapy articulation cards
I have many Cariboo games in my future! Not only this week, but in many weeks to come! I've been using the articulation worksheets from Mommy Speech Therapy as my Cariboo cards and they fit perfectly! *I make sure to not cut the lamination to0 close to the paper.* I'm sure you know this game is like SLP gold…. I swear it motivates almost any kiddo! I should also mention that I got a plastic storage box for my Cariboo cards! I went to Michael's and purchased a bead storage box for $2.99! So, if you have a million Cariboo cards and are looking for a way to organize them… try it out! :)

Well, that's it. I've given you a very brief synopsis of my week and I've done it a day late…(whoops!) but hopefully it's still helpful! :) Hang in there friends!!! Summer is just around the corner! 

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