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Look at my Lessons 3/30/15

Hi Friends! 
I am counting down the days... our Spring Break is next week and I absolutely cannot wait! Work has been busy and life has too! I'm in need of some slow-down time. I'm actually considering going into work one day next week to organize and make my life a little easier, but we'll see. :)

Anyway, I didn't quite get to this last night... but it's still Monday so hopefully this post will be helpful to you!

Here's a "Look at my Lessons" for the week! 

DISCLAIMER: I know everyone has caseloads made up of varying ages and abilities… so my lesson plans may not apply to everyone. However, I often use open-ended reinforcement activities and those can be utilized for many different therapy groups. I should caution that I've listed mainly the materials I'm going to use- I don't include behavioral strategies, prompting and modifications in my lesson plans… they are VERY general. But, they give me place to start when it comes to therapy for the week!

I have some photos and a list below of my lesson plan activities and where you can get them! :)

 Easter Egg Hunt

I'm so excited to do a real, live, Easter Egg Hunt with my preschoolers and kindergarteners! I snagged these cute Easter Bunny headbands at Michael's Craft Store, along with some eggs and Easter bags. I'll be using Mommy Speech Therapy word level worksheets to cut up and put target words in eggs! I'm planning to hide the eggs in a garden area on our school grounds! The kiddos should love it- I'm a little nervous that their excitement will trump speech word practice, but we will see!

Easter Bingo 

Crazy Little Projects has a cute Easter Bingo that is so colorful and simple! I love to use this as an open-ended reinforcer for my articulation groups! I use bingo chips from my Chipper Chat games and the kiddos get to draw a card after their designated articulation sentence/target. It keeps their little hands busy and, everyone loves BINGO! :)

Easter Egg Craft
I got these cute and easy black & white eggs at Hobby Lobby last year! I'm sure you can find a version of this at any craft store or you can just find an Easter egg coloring page online to use! Once again, an easy open-ended reinforcer to use with any target! I'll be using this with my articulation kiddos this week!

Spring Themed Taboo

This is by Keeping Speech Simple on TpT! I'm so excited to use this unique yet simple game with my Social Skills kiddos to target inferences, perspective taking and nonverbal communication (e.g. eye gaze and body orientation throughout the activity)! I will likely make modifications to this activity for my younger kiddos vs. older kiddos. 

Pete the Cat: Big Easter Adventure 

I posted about this last week, but I'll be using it again this week because I couldn't get through my whole book companion pack (see below) last week. :) I purchased this book a  at Target, but you can also get it on Amazon. It's a super cute book about Pete having to fill-in for the Easter bunny on Easter morning. 

Pete the Cat: Big Easter Adventure Book Companion

My book companion targets "WH" questions (basic & advanced), sequencing, comparing & contrasting and includes open-ended games and activities! If you have the Pete the Cat:Big Easter Adventure book, you've got to check out the companion pack in my TpT store! :)

Spring Articulation Carryover Paragraphs

My carryover paragraphs have been a total go-to therapy material these days! This packet targets the carryover of later developing sounds ( S, Z, R and "TH") and has a spring time theme. This is designed for upper elementary aged students who are in the carryover phase with their articulation targets. I love using these- it's such a quick and fun way to sneak in numerous productions of target sounds!

I have many other Easter themed ideas in my Look at my Lessons post from last week - so check it out if you haven't already. :)

Throughout my work week, I often post pictures of what I'm doing in therapy on Instagram! It's my favorite way to share, so be sure to check it out!
Have a wonderful week, everyone!!!

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